Which Python book to follow?

11 Jun

If you’ve read my previous post Why learn Python? and you are really impressed to see what python can do for you,you might be wanting to try your hands on python.For this you’ll definitely need a good book of python language which can guide you during the times when you’re stuck somewhere in between.Believe me,a good book can be a great companion and an asset to the programmer.So,I’m gonna review 3 Python books for you to choose from.

Book #1 : Head First Python


Head First Python Cover

If you haven’t programmed before or you don’t want to put too much effort in learning Python,then this book is for you. But it is to be noted that this book is very lengthy and you’ll find many things in the book are redundant.Also,If you are an experienced programmer in Python then this book is not for you.The area where this book scores maximum is that it teaches the user how to build realistic applications using modern technologies rather than explaining Python’s Standard API(Application Programming Interface).

If you use this book,you will be able to:-

  • Write CGI scripts using Python
  • Create apps with Google App Engine which can be used with different social networks
  • Create Android apps
  • Database Management using Python
Book #2 : Programming with Python 3
Programming with Python 3
Huff!Believe me this book is python newbie’s nightmare.If you are a newbie and don’t have any knowledge about python then this book is not for you.On the other hand if you’re an experienced python programmer who wants to increase his/her command over the language,then this book can prove beneficial to you.To tell the truth,I picked up this book in the first place for learning python but the book didn’t really help me.Besides regular stuffs this book will provide you some great topics.
Salient features of this book are as follows:-
  • The chapter on Regular Expressions is really nice
  • The book tells you about Networking using Python
  • The book teaches advance techniques like extracting meta data from files
  • The book teaches about debugging,testing and profiling
Book #3 : Python for Unix and Linux System Administrators
Python for Unix and Linux 
System Administrators Cover
To be frank with you,I’ve not read this book yet but I’ve had a look at it.So I can at least tell you what this book contains.As the name say it all,this book is exclusively for users who use Linux and Unix.
This book has chapters on following topic:-
  • IPython
  • SNMP
  • OS Soup
  • Package Management
  • Using easy_install
  • Processes and Concurrency
Attention : It is to be noted that all of the above books don’t have good chapters on “Building GUIs”.So,if you want to write GUI applications in Python then you have to use other libraries like PyGTK,PyQT etc.Just keep in touch,I’ll be reviewing GUI toolkits for Python soon