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What’s Ubuntu?Is there any need to know Ubuntu?

10 Jun

If you have been using Linux for past few days or months,you might have heard the name of Ubuntu.If you come from Windows or Mac background,i’d like to tell you that Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution(flavour) on planet Earth.
You should at least give Ubuntu a try in order to know what this OS(Operating System) has to offer.
If you are in love with your Windows or Mac OS X environment,I can still give you enough reasons to try Ubuntu out.

So let me try to convince you to use Ubuntu:)

Reason #1 : You don’t like viruses and malwares,do you?
Solution : Try Ubuntu,it’s virus free

Reason #2 : You don’t like to wait for your OS to start so that you can update your Facebook Status.
Solution : Try Ubuntu,it boots in less than 20 seconds on new systems.
Now,If you argue that your windows system already boots in 15 seconds,I’d say that Ubuntu will boot in 10 seconds only,on your system;)

Reason #3 : You use a lot of pirated softwares and don’t want to pay for softwares in future too.
Solution : Then why not try out the OS which has all the softwares needed for day-to-day computing and all of them are free.
You could ask,”Ok,you say that all of the softwares are free but are they updated too?”.I’d say,”Yes,they are and all of the updates are free too:)”.

Reason #4 : You can still say that your CD/DVD drive is damaged or out of order or may be you own a netbook which doesn’t even has CD/DVD drive,so you are unable to try it out.
Solution : To tell you the truth,Ubuntu can boot from USB drive too.

So,you can try out Ubuntu without any fear.If I was successful in convincing you to use Ubuntu then why not download Ubuntu for your system.Here is the link: Download Ubuntu

In the next post I’ll be telling you about the ways to run Ubuntu on your System.


Facebook Indicator

7 Jun

I’ve developed a simple python script which can show your fb notifications using Ubuntu’s in-built OSD system.

You can check it out at: https://github.com/raynesax/findicate