Why learn Python?

8 Jun

Whether you are a programmer or not,knowing any computer language is not a loss at all.

A good programming should has following qualities:-
-highly reliable
-fast enough
-easy to learn

Python has it all.It is designed to be easy and fast.Also the programs written in Python can be easily understood by human beings.

If you learn this language,you’d be able to:-
-write programs which can control your operating systems,it is the core programming language on Ubuntu.
-write applications for Android platform.
-write CGI scripts.
-write utility programs like Image Viewer.
-develop applications for social platforms like Facebook.
-create database applications without even installing any dbms as Python has in-built SQLite database system.
-run your own webserver and show off your contents to the world

Also there is nothing which will stop you from using Python.There are python-bindings(libraries) for everything.For example:-
-want to develop high quality GUIs?Use Pyclutter
-want to embed a web browser into your app?Use gtkmozembed
-want to process XML?Use lxml

I think all of the above would be enough to convince you to use Python for your programming purposes.


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